• Empowering couples and individuals to live a life of financial freedom.

  • Does Money Have You Stressed Out?

    You're Not Alone!

    Money is a touchy topic that most people don't like to talk about, however, it is one of the top reasons for stress and divorce. Brushing money issues under the rug is not how they get solved.


    What's your excuse?

    • I don't know where to start!
    • I can never stay on a budget
    • There's not enough money at the end of the month.
    • We eat out way too much!
    • My debt is building my credit!
    • I have bad credit.
    • I have too many monthly payments to stay on top of everything.
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  • How I can help

    Setting you up for success

    A solid financial future doesn't happen overnight. It begins with a plan, and is followed by continuous execution and concentration. We are here to lead you to financial freedom every step of the way.


    Here are a few ways I am here to help:

    • Listening to your values and goals for your money
    • Helping you set up a budget and stick to it
    • Paying off debt (student loans, autos, home, medical, etc)
    • Saving for emergencies
    • Saving for retirement
    • Helping you find your definition of financial freedom/independence
    • Providing hope
    • Offering accountability
    ...all in a 100% non-judgmental environment from a coach that has traveled the same path!
  • How It Works

    Step # 1

    20- Minute Money Talk

    We begin with a 20-minute phone call to discuss your money situation, see where you are in your money journey, and discuss how we can move forward with a coaching relationship.

    Step #2

    Hard Work & Accountability

    We work together to establish your money values and goals then establish a sustainable plan to get you to your goals.

    Step #3

    Crush Your Goals

    Obtaining your goals and celebrating your achievement. Money and finances are an ongoing life challenge, but you will be able to move forward with confidence.

  • Sign up for a free 20-minute Money-Talk now!

  • "I learned that budgeting is not scary and you can still live your life and have fun."

  • Meet Your Coach

    DaRenda Hanson

    DaRenda lives in Edmond, Oklahoma with her husband, David, and two sons. She has 14 years public and corporate accounting experience. On her off hours from helping clients transform their finances, she is usually spending time with her family, watching OU Football, or working in the yard.

    My Story



    My husband, David, and I were married in 2006 after a short 9-months of dating. We look back and don’t really remember how everything happened, but it’s been working for us so far! We live in a suburban town of Oklahoma with our two boys and our Golden Retriever, Scooby.



    I graduated with a double-major from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2005, then went on to obtain my Masters in Business Administration in 2009. I have worked in public accounting with business bookkeeping; corporate, partnership, and personal taxes; and payroll. I’ve also worked in corporate accounting in various roles. To say I have a love of numbers would be an understatement. I pretty much live, eat, and breathe them! This being said, I wasn’t taught anything about money growing up, except that we didn’t have much.


    Our Debt-Free Journey

    Our first home was the definition of a “fixer-upper.” We spent every free moment, and every extra dollar repairing and renovating that house for the fiver years we owned it. In that time, we also financed two cars and took out a home equity loan. Because we could pay the monthly payments on the above and for the credit cards we were utilizing, we didn’t realize what poor money choices we were making. We relied on family for emergencies, were saving very little to retirement, and figured we were young enough that we had plenty of time to worry about retirement after the house was renovated.


    A few years later, David took a new job and we moved 800 miles away from everything and everyone we knew. It was during this time that I realized we needed to take a hard look at our financial situation. I, as an accountant and the “money” person had no idea what our situation really was.


    The Hard Look

    I decided we were going on a serious budget. David obliged. We had car loans, credit card debt, and a mortgage. We also needed to increase our retirement contributions in order to reach long-term financial goals we had set.


    The Other Side of Debt

    Within a year and a half, we had paid off our credit card, two cars, and started making higher contributions towards retirement. Within the next five months we had a fully funded 6-month emergency fund.


    The Ah-Ha Moment

    Only two and a half years after moving away, David accepted a position back in Oklahoma. After being in his position for only nine months, he confessed that he hated his job. It was demanding, thankless, overly stressful, and he was ready to look for a new position. At that moment, I was able to look him in the eye and tell him he could quit his job. We had enough in savings to keep us afloat for over six months.


    It was that moment that we both realized we had created freedom to dictate our own life.


    My Why

    That feeling of financial independence is exactly why I am a financial coach. I want to lead others to experience the freedom and lead the lives they desire. We are continuously on our journey, but we can now say we are debt free and sharing our story to give others hope!


    2005 BS Accounting - University of Central Oklahoma

    2005 BS Finance - University of Central Oklahoma

    2009 MBA - University of Central Oklahoma

    2018 Financial Coach Academy Graduate

  • What Others are Saying



    "With DaRenda’s help, I have paid off over half my debt in less than a year and built an emergency/sinking fund. I have paid off my car and a credit card. I have been paying huge chunks on my remaining debt and have still been able to enjoy the things that really matter to me. Without her help, I would still be just throwing my money at whatever pops up and then having to charge it if a catastrophic event happened. But because she helped me save up cash for those events, the money for my car repairs was right there in my savings. I got $1300 in repairs completed without having to charge a penny."



    "If you are not sure where are you are in your financial situation, then you are in the right spot. DaRenda is so helpful and understanding, and she really works hard to help you with your financial goals.


    My fiance and I are in our 20's and were making money but didn't know where it was going (spending problems) or how to save it. While using DaRenda's help, we were able to drop to one income while I am attending graduate school, pay off a pricey engagement ring and budget/save for an upcoming wedding without going into debt or pinching pennies. It sounds crazy, I know, but we are still able to go to concerts and eat out and do fun things in our spare time.


    From our sessions, I learned that budgeting is not scary and you can still live your life and have fun. Not only are we balanced financially, but she is also teaching us skills that we can use throughout the rest of our lives. I had questions about types of loans or ways to have our dream wedding on a reasonable budget, and she put in the extra time to research the things she did not know and give me great advice on how to tackle these new financial hurdles that we have to cross.


    Scared about opening up and being truthful about your finances or about how much you actually have in your bank account? No need to worry, DaRenda is not judgmental and she truly wants to help. The only way this works is if you tell the truth, and DaRenda reciprocates by telling you her personal story and showing you that even those with the most balanced budgets have faced hardships before getting better."

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